2010 Open Source Awards

Packt Open Source Awards 2010Packt is about to launch the 2010 Open Source award – now at its fifth edition, formerly known as Open Source CMS Awards – an award organized to encourage, support, recognize, and reward Open Source projects selected by a panel of judges and Packt website visitors. This year they have a prize fund of $247,000 spread across six categories.

From August 9, you are invited to submit a nomination for an Open Source Project to be put forward to the final voting stage in each category. The following categories make up the 2010 Open Source Awards.

  • Open Source CMS

  • Hall of Fame CMS

  • Most Promising Open Source Project

  • Open Source E-Commerce Applications

  • Open Source JavaScript Libraries

Also, this year I have been invited again to join the judge panel, and I look forward to share my thoughts and comparative analysis of open source programs with other judges and learn about their views about Open Source e-commerce applications.

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