The 20 Open Source Innovative Startups Nominated for the Open Innovation Awards

The Open Innovation Awards’ Jury today announced the list of the top 20 open source innovative startups that will be invited to present at the Open Innovation Summit on the 2nd of October.

The international jury of open source experts will award the “Open Innovation Awards” to the most promising project in terms of innovation, use of open source technologies, and value creation potential.

Stefane Fermigier, co-chairman of the Jury and open source entrepeneur, said:

Given the wealth of candidates -  ranging from incubation companies to already well known open source vendors – the first selection round was difficult. The richness and rigor of our evaluation process is the guarantee that the winning companies will be true champions of open source innovation.

The award is organized by the competitiveness cluster System@ tic, the full list of the nominated companies and jury’s members are reported below.

The nominated companies:

  • Activeon (France)
  • Agiletec (Italie)
  • Avalpa (Italie)
  • Bonitasoft (France)
  • Ecocube (France)
  • Kaltura (USA)
  • Kerlabs (France)
  • Maarch (France)
  • ManyDesign (Italie)
  • Mindtouch (USA)
  • OS Networks (Pays-Bas)
  • Prestashop (France)
  • Scaledb (USA)
  • Sociatom (France)
  • SonarSource (Suisse)
  • TLM (UK)
  • Ulteo (France)
  • Univention (Allemagne)
  • Weelya (France)
  • XWiki (France)

The jury:

  • Alain Revah (Kublax)
  • Andrew Aitken (Olliance)
  • Bruno Pinna (Bull)
  • Jean-François Caenen (Capgemini)
  • Jean-Francois Gallouin (Via Innovation)
  • Jean-Marie Chauvet (LC Capital)
  • Jean-Noël Olivier (Accenture)
  • Louis Montagne (Bearstech / Collibri – Cap Digital)
  • Mark Taylor (Sirius IT)
  • Patrick de Roquemaurel (OTC Asset Management)
  • Philippe Montargès (Alterway)
  • Roberto Galoppini (consultant)
  • Scott Ollison (SourceForge)
  • Stefane Fermigier (Nuxeo / GT Logiciel Libre – System@tic)