Open Source AIR Alternative: Appcelerator, an interview with Jeff Kunz

Appcelerator – the company founded in 2006 by Jeff Haynie and Nolan Wright, that took a first round in 2008 from Storm Ventures – recently released Titanium preview, an open source platform for building desktop applications using Web technologies.

At the open source think tank I met Jeff Kunz, formerly Olliance Group partner and now VP of Business Development at Appcelerator, and I asked him some background about Appcelerator and its business model.

Appcelerator started developing Entourage, a RIA framework built on a messaging architecture. In early 2008 started the creation of Titanium – open source desktop application development platform using web technologies.

How will Appcelerator profit from its technology?

Core technology will always be completely open source under apache 2.  No dual license of community/enterprise edition.  Monetization will come from a suite of cloud services that all developers will use to productize and monetize their apps quickly and inexpensively. These service, available a la carte in a freemium to premium usage based fee model, will be:

  • Packaging: automated windows, mac, and linux package generation
  • Distribution: linkable url for downloads and hosting
  • Testing: automated app functionality testing
  • Analytics: micro/macro level analytics regarding app and function usage and downloads
  • Ads: embedded ad api’s and services
  • E-commerce: full app store services

Appcelerator is taking community development seriously, knowing that outside of the company interesting ideas and concepts take place they launched a community-based contest. You can follow them on twitter to know more about the initiative. Community voiting for the best application will open Monday.

There are no commercial information sheets yet, and I am glad Jeff shared some thoughts about their business approach. I look forward to ask more in few months, and see what happens at Appcelerator.

Among top download locations worldwide United States is the first, followed by Germany, UK and India. Is one of the first time I see India so high positioned, matter for (development) thoughts, I’d say. Italy is the seventh location, wondering if anyone I know is experiencing using Titanium instead of Adobe AIR. All in all its cross platform support for Windows, Mac and Linux plus Flash and Silverlight support for free seems a compelling open source offering.