Linux Foundation Welcomes European IT Service Firm

The Linux Foundation today announced that credativ – a consulting and service company employing 45 people in its offices in the UK, Germany and Canada – has become member of the Linux Foundation.

As Linux continues to grow in popularity in Europe, companies like credativ become increasingly vital to the Linux ecosystem. credativ’s contributions to the LSB are especially important as Linux grows internationally and different distributions emerge.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation, in commenting the news.

The Linux sponsors list doesn’t include credativ among top contributors, but the new European member providing support for all major free software distributions probably has an interest in advancing the Linux Standard Base.

Dr. Michael Meskes, CEO at credativ and Debian developer, says that Linux Foundation membership will help them serve the community and their customers by advancing efforts related also to the Linux desktop, an hot topic at credativ since 2005.

Now that many European countries look at open source, is definitely a good sign to see European IT service firms at such high level of open source adoption.

I wish credativ developers happy hacking!