Open Source Adoption Bottom-up, Eurostat goes EUPL, Spanish Open Source, Greek Municipalties’ Technological Club: European Open Source links 20-12-2008

BE: Open source adoption is often bottom-up, Ph.D study saysKris Vein, postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Management Information Systems of the University of Antwerp, says that the adoption of open source frequently seems to be a bottum-up process, but recommendations from IT firms and consultants are also important sources of information. Organisations should not base their open source policies on those of other institutions because each has its own contexts. Open source software selection has still to be taken seriously.

Eurostat considers to publish more open source tools using EUPLEurostat, the statistical office of the European Communities, published on OSORForge its Business Cycle Clock application under the European EUPL license. Eurostat now is considering to release three more applications, may be under the same license.

GR: Municipalities to get open source platform for electronic services – Sixteen different cities and municipalities are starting a collaborative software development to explore the potentialities of club good theory, aiming at sharing costs of production of an impure public good, In fact the application LGAF will be made available to all Greek municipalities at no cost, and they will be charged only for technical support.

ES: Saving on licences is a main advantage of open source, report saysCenatic report on cost savings by Spanish Public Administrations. To know moew about what is going on in Spain read also this report about open source usage in Gipuzkoa, Spain’s smallest province in the autonomous Basque region.