Open Source Mobile: Open Source vs Proprietary debate at MAPOS’ 08, 9-10 December, London

MAPOS’ 08 – an event that aims at creating a platform for discussion within the mobile industry – will take place next 9-10 December in London. Among hot topics the should we open or close question.

This seems to be the question on everyone’s lips at the moment. Whilst certain players move towards open source, others stand up and reaffirm their belief that proprietary is the only way forward. Whichever path you follow, there can be no denying that which mobile operating system to follow is proving to be one of the most controversial questions in the industry.  With this topic set to be debated at MAPOS 2008, this year’s conference is shaping up to be the most important yet. Representatives of Proprietary and Open Source will come together to debate the future of the industry. Is the future all open as supporters of LiMo, Moblin, Android and Symbian seem to think it is or do Microsoft and Apple still have a dominating role in the future of operating systems?

MAPOS 08 registrations are open, but it is not for free.

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