Open Source Licensing: Copyright law protects Open Source, BSA does not

Lawrence Lessig calls for huge and important news reporting that the “Intellectual Property” court in the US has upheld a open source copyright license, while Mark Radcliffe talks about a major victory for open source.

The license discussed by  the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) was the Artistic License, in the Jacobsen vs Katzer case. The CAFC reversed the previous District Court’s decision, finding that Katzer, not respecting Artistic License’s requirements, was liable for copyright infringement.

Open Source PiracyOpen Source Piracy? No thanks! by mrs.reed

Matt Asay, Richard Koman and Savio Rodrigues are doing an excellent job spreading the word about this breaking news, telling how important is for the open source world.

Savio included also me in the discussion,  referring to a post of mine claiming that the BSA should also help protect open source products.

Certainty by an important US Court is a good start, but we need help to fight against “open source piracy“. In the BSA there are already enough companies already benefiting from open source, let’s see if any of them will eventually spend a word for the open source cause.

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