Italian Elections: The Province of Agrigento has an open source candidate

Provincial elections will take place in the province of Agrigento over this week end, and apparently Agrigento has its own best open source candidate, Eugenio d’Orsi.

AgrigentoAgrigento by Stefano Liboni

I totally agree with William Hurley, explaining the importance of considering candidates also from this perspective:

Open source is in a position to influence patent reform and help the small businesses that drive our economy. Shouldn’t we consider taking a look at the candidates from this perspective? I thought allowing people to share their opinion on who they see as the best “open source candidate” would be a good way to start a larger discussion.

Assoli, the Italian Association for Free Software, earlier asked Italian Parliament candidates to engage themselves to promote the use of free software, maybe similar initiatives in the future will cover also provincial elections.

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