Italian Elections: 100 Candidates signed the Letter in favour of Free Software!

100 Italian candidates signed Assoli‘s letter engaging themselves to promote the use of free software.

The Italian association asked Italian candidates to work to promote the use of free software and open standards, Assoli’s President Paolo Didonè commented the result:

The success of our initiative is clear: in a week, without any substantial media coverage, one hundred candidates signed the letter engaging themselves to promote free software and digital rights. Two thousands voters indicated that they would be more likely to vote for candidates supporting the campaign.

Candidates from all parties backed Assoli’s campaign, Paolo Didonè emphasize the result:

It is important to notice that candidates from all major parties signed our letter. This is a good sign, we are looking forward to get involved together with politicians in sustaining politics in favor of free software, in country’s interest. The day after the election we’ll contact politicians for pragmatic actions.

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