Interoperability Conference: Adobe, Microsoft and the Italian community meet up at OMAT

Milan (Italy) on the 1-2 of April will host OMAT, a landmark in Italy in electronic document, content and corporate process management. On the second day will be held a session about “Tomorrow’s data availability depends upon today’s data format“.For the first time Adobe, Microsoft and members of the community will be sitting at the same round table to constructively talk about how to better satisfy users’ needs. The aim of the conference is to explain in plain language why data formats definition and evolution are important for the market.Flavia Marzano (UnaRete association) will be introducing and moderating the round table. As PLIO Institutional Relationship Manager I’ll be opening the session talking of file format certification, then Italo Vignoli ( Italian Marketing Manager) will give a speech on the importance of interoperability. Andrea Valle (Adobe) will talk about file format standards as a mean to long term conservation of data, while Andrea Valboni (Microsoft) will cover OpenXML openness, compatibility and interoperability issues. Davide Dozza will give a speech on Open Document Format universal interoperability, preserving today accessibility for tomorrow’s generations. Last but not least Maria Pia Giovannini, Head of the Central Public Administration Organizational Efficiency Dept. at CNIPA, will report about data formats’ selection criteria for Public Administrations’ document management.

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