2.3 break through 1,000,000 downloads!

The Italian Association is proud to announce that the Italian release of the world’s leading free and open source productivity suite has experienced a surge in demand for its software since the launch of 2.3 and with the follow-up Release 2.3.1. experienced more than 1,000,000 downloads in less than five months, this put the Italian release of in a leading position in the worldwide office productivity application market.

Davide Dozza, Association’s President and Co-Maintainer of of the Italian Native-Lang Project, commented:

I’m very proud about this result. It demostrates that the community effort can yield amazing results, especially when such community is composed of eterogeneous and expert people.

How do you like Italian open source? 🙂

Update: Italo Vignoli, PLIO Marketing and Communication Manager, wrote:

Apologies. On September 18, 2007, while announcing 2.3 we boldly stated that during the following 6 months the software would have been downloaded by one million people.

At the time, it was a brave announcement, as the previous million of downloads took exactly nine months, from January 18 to September 17, 2007, and the total of the previous 30 days was a meager 116.405 downloads.

And, in fact, we were wrong, as it took only 151 days (i.e., four months and 28 days) to get to that threshold: on Friday the 15th of February, in italian got to 1.001.185 downloads, at a daily average of 6.742,82 since September 18.

Read his full post, is enlightening.

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