OpenOffice Conferences: GoOOoCon 2008, in case Beiing is too far for you

  The Novell team thought that, what with the next OOoCon being in Beijing and the cost of travel there (etc.) and of course the broad focus of that conference; that it would be good to have a very hacker-focused event in Europe. So, we’re inviting all hyper-technical people (with or without long hair) to join the Novell go-oo team for part of their annual team face-to-face in Prague (GoOO0Con 2008).
To re-iterate, this is not an attempt to undermine OOoCon – if you can only afford to go to one conference (money, time, spousal -patience / whatever); go to OOoCon.

Well done Michael Meeks, you at OpenSuse are giving us poor European an option! 😉

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