Open Standards: Document “Freedom” Day

My friend Giacomo Poderi, Free Software Foundation Europe Italian representative, today forwarded me a document introducing Document Freedom Day, a global day for document liberation scheduled for 26 of March.

It is a day of grassroots effort around the world to promote and build awareness for the relevance of Free Document Formats in particular and Open Standards in general. The DFD is supported by a large group of organisations and individuals, including, but not limited to Ars Aperta, COSS, Esoma, Free Software Foundations Europe and Latin America, IBM, NLnet, ODF Alliance, OpenForum Europe, OSL, iMatix, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, Inc., The Open Learning Centre, Opentia, Estandares Abiertos.

The initiative clearly promotes ODF, the website reports the ODF logo and, just to name another open standard, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is not even mentioned. Why you didn’t call it Open Document Format Day then?

ODF logoThe ODF logo, courtesy of RedHat

My friends, Freedom it is about choice..

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