OSI Approval: Open Source Initiatives approves GPLv3!

Today the GPL v3 and LGPL v3 were unanimously approved by the OSI board, as reported by Michael Tiemann, President of the Open Source Initiative.

Tiemann blessed the GPLv3 few months ago, and the OSI board this time was really fast to close the GPLv3 approval process, showing a very different attitude compared with an other recent approval.

I really wish to congratulate with you all!

tiemannMichael Tiemann by pdcawley

Tiemann commenting on the OSI blog said he liked to personally acknowledge few people, among them all of us:

The broader communities of both the free software camp and the open source camps, who both challenged and supported the license drafting process. These communities made the drafts stronger as a result.

Now it is great time to take into consideration more difficult tasks, and I hope you are definitely not going to follow Eric Raymond line of thinking.

Despite my previous determination, I find I’m almost ready to recommend that OSI tell Microsoft to ram its licenses up one of its own orifices, even if they are technically OSD compliant. Because what good is it to conform to the letter of OSD if you’re raping its spirit?

A license is a license, it is definitely not matter of spirit!

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