FSF Europe: the beta version of the SELF Education Platform goes live

Yesterday SELF – a community-driven platform for the production and distribution of educational materials sponsored by the EU IST programme  – has been officially launched by the Free Software Foundation Europe in the Netherlands during a conference on Free Software in Education.

The SELF platform aims to bring together educational institutes, training centres, software companies, publishing houses, government bodies and Free Software communities to centralise, create and disseminate educational and training materials on Free Software and Open Standards.

From linuxelectrons:

The SELF Platform has been developed by a global team of non-profit organisations, universities and volunteers engaged in the SELF Project, an initiative for the collaborative sharing and creation of free educational and training materials on Free Software and Open Standards. Users, primarily learners and teachers, are enabled to assemble selections of learning contents and create custom-made learning material for lessons in their language. The Platform is launched in beta stage to involve the growing community in optimising the tool.

All SELF materials are available under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), materials from third parties are licenses under various similar licenses.

Let’s see now if  students and teachers will join the effort..

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