Open Source Links: 14-08-2007

An eye on the Open Solutions Alliance – Alex Fletcher sees a consistency in OSA’s stated approach, but as I wrote to Dominic Sartorio – OSA’s President – OS firms with “vertical” offering won’t apply if among OSA’s members someone else has already a similar offer. In my opinion OSA might better act on behalf of those companies delivering “horizontal” services – just like SpikeSource – much better than the “vertical” ones (those who take care of a product). The reason is that in horizontal services arena there is no “corporate player” yet, so OSA might well be the first mover.

OSI Submission Update – Bill Hilf submitted Microsoft’s licenses (MS-PL and MS-CL) just before going on vacation.

Building consumers products with open sourceAri Jaaksi tells Nokia’s approach to Open Source.

Actuate Harnesses Open Source to advance Leadership in BI -  Dilbert’s boss wants to use Open Source just for everything, may be also for Business Intelligence? Let’s see if Actuate will eventually turn BIRT in a successful business case.

China: Patent Moves Meets Standards Muscle – Jeff Kaplan reports that China is becoming a serious player in the IP world.

Firefox is a Public Asset – Mitchell Baker essay about the Mozilla’s business models.