Open Source Links: 05-07-2007

Another reason I love open source software – : A story about the open source transparent development process.

Is Microsoft OOXML the best deal open source can get? – Dana puts it simple, may be even too much: customers and public administrations are not the same, like office-automation suites and file format are different beasts.

The Impact of Open Source Software (OSS) on Education Topics on OSS on Education, open educational resources (OER), open courseware (OCW) and governance on Terra Incognita blog.
Open Source Economics and why visibility is good for you – Comments about Gupta’s article at Read/Write Web: Open Source Economics Driving Web 2.0 Innovation

Driving the Flex decision – Mc Allister at Adobe expands further the reasons to open Flex given by Phil Cost, the Director of Product Management for Flex and ColdFusion.

The Real Meaning of GNU GPLv3 -  Glyn Moody observes that the drafting of version 3 has been opened out in an exemplary fashion, unfortunately this has a cost: the GPL Loophole it is going to stay.