ODF Plugfest: Working in Progress

The ODF Plugfest is a series of events bringing together implementors and stakeholders of OASIS OpenDocument Format/ISO 26300 to test standards conformance and discuss ODF implementation issues.

Until the first ODF Plugfest,  vendors were not asked to prove that their software products meet open standards‘ specifications, and declarations of conformity was a self-certification process. Now everything is changed, and ODF implementors and stakeholders work together aiming at true interoperability.

The Dutch government program Netherlands in Open Connection and OpenDoc Society under auspices of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations organized the first ODF Plugfest.

These days a number of organizations and ODF implementors are working together to organize a second ODF Plugfest in parallel with the upcoming OpenOffice.org Con 2009, that will take place in Orvieto (Italy) in November.

Tentative dates for the ODF Plugfest are 2-3 of November, stay tuned for more.

Update (7-8-2009): A public thank you to the Centro Studi Città di Orvieto for the confirmed availability of its conference rooms!