Barcamp: Vlogcamp, a barcamp on Video-blogging

The first Italian Barcamp about video-blogging and Web TV went live over the Internet in many different forms, last Saturday from Taxi Channel studios, here in Rome.

vlog camp Vlog camp, Robin Good & Tommaso Tessarolo Smeerch

Despite the hot day, there were quiet a few people, and I happened to know Bruno Pellegrini. founder of Nessuno.TV a portal for Italian videobloggers, and also TheBlogTV, probably the first TV station broadcasting user-generated content. Bruno wrote also a book, entitled “Io? Come diventare videoblogger e non morire da spettatore” (eng: Me? How to become a videoblogger and do not die spectator), given as a present to all participants.

Tommaso Tessarolo, author of another book entitled “NetTv“, was also present, and he presented an interesting backstage video.

Robin Good went live all the time on his, I happened to help him recording his speech about how to become a video-blogger, and I interviewed Amanda Lorenzani and Leo Sorge talking about Italian startups.
Robin Good reported the whole event through two different posts Part 1 and Part 2, if you speak Italian or you want to, have a look!

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