Open Source Micro-Blogging: The Pulse of Open Source, by Raven Zachary

While at the Open Source Think Tank Raven Zachary came up with the idea of creating the Pulse of Open Source, a new web application tailored to highlight open source activity on Twitter.

Just as Raven I was also initially skeptical of this service, a sort of micro-blogging (140 characters or less) to share tiny URLs and no much more. But I was proven wrong, as Stormy Peters pointed out twitter could well be your cup of coffee, maybe also Matt Asay will change his mind at some time.

One of the things I have found useful about Twitter besides following close friends is following people in my profession. The more I looked, the more interesting participants in the open source community I found on Twitter.

Raven, I couldn’t say it better myself, I totally agree. Raven told me about his initiative -  based on a conversation he had with Ross Turk, Mark Hinkle, Reuven Cohen, and Aaron Fulkerson– at breakfast the very last day at Napa, and I am glad to be part of the ‘kernel’.

As of launch today, the site is following 87 people and I expect that number to grow substantially over time. Take a look at who we follow. If you are an active participant in the open source community and would like to be included in this stream of consciousness, instructions are on the site about how to participate. I’m hoping that my colleagues Jay and Matt will take the hint and join Twitter, too. 451 colleagues Nick Patience, Vishy Venugopalan, and Rachel Chalmers are on Twitter. You can also track our analyst releases using the service.

I wish the Pulse of Open Source all the best, but get to twitter now.. 😉

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