Open Source Links: 24-06-2007 (more about the importance of being called Open Source)

Open Source Comedy as Smart Marketing – What about making an Open Source Comedy to tell people about “false” Open Source firms? Between irony and sarcasm there is plenty of space for education through fun

What makes an open source company: Centric CRM’s response – Michael Harvey gives his explanation of what open source is. Is granting customers the freedom to modify their software or any part of it for internal use enough? I doubt

Little red hens of open source CRM – Dana Blankenhorn come back talking about the Open Source CRM thing: The value of business software comes out only when you work with it, when you tweak it, when you support it. Absolutely right, s I mentioned few times, there is no third way in this respect: best code or best knowledge.

Pragmatic Open Source РCot̩ starting from the perennial open source question goes much, much beyond. A must read.