Open Source Links about the importance of being called Open Source

Calling Socialtext Open SourceRoss Mayfield, SocialText CEO, asks the community what they should call themselves, while telling us about the experience to get his license certified by OSI.

Thoughts on OSI, OSD and quasi-open source – Alex Fletcher suggests OSI to proceed constructing (and consistently update) a comprehensive account of the open source which is in violation of its definition of open source, and promote this list to the general community.

OSI to take more active role in open source definition enforcementRyan Paul at ArsTechinica says that although he sympathizea with OSI’s concern about vendor abuse of the “open source” label, the organization should be above starting a needless fight that it can’t win.

The OSI crackdown: too little, too late? – Gianugo talking about Tiemann’s position, come out with thr idea of an awareness campaign, making sure that the world knows who’s been fathering the Open Source Definition, and what is not. I buy the idea.

Micheal Tiemann: Protecting the Open Source Definition – Amy Stephen does some hypothesis about what might happen, food for thoughts.

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