Open Source Links: 19-05-2007

Services, Part 3: The Future – third post of an interesting trilogy about walking the open source path, by Tarus Balog. Recommended to VCs interested in investing in Open Source Service firms.

Commercial Joomla Developers Fight To Avoid Destruction – Wired on Joomla going GPL 100%, if interested in the subject read also Joomla 1.5 and the limits of open source development.

Open Source: What Makes for Success? – Illuminata talks about what are the conditions that enable success in Open Source. I would suggest them to talk more about the importance of the Community thing.

How Viable Is Open Source ECM? (subscription needed)- Does it answer the question? written by Integrated Solutions.

Adobe to Open Source Flex. A Sign of Desperation? – Analysis of Adobe move, by Coach Wei

Lumen Software’s New PostgreSQL LAPP Stack Offers Commercial Alternative to MySQL LAMP Solutions – Lumen bets on LAPP SaaS vs LAMP. I guess (many) other OS firms will start offering SaaS stacks.

History of glibc and Linux libc – The GNU C Library fork story, by Ciarán O’Riordan.