Open Source Links: 19-05-2007

Business as Usual – Bill Hilf on Port25: It’s not us versus the free world.

Three Minutes with Microsoft’s Open-Source Manager – Bill Hilf explains Microsoft strategy: to license and not litigate. Am I the only one thinking to the Cold war at this stage?

235 more reasons to love open source – Fabrizio Capobianco designed a funny and provoking t-shirt, and I guess he is going to bring along an XXL one for Bill Hilf next Monday!

Steve? Darl? All of the Above? – Billy Marshall asserts that Microsoft won’tl like the nature of the collateral damage caused by the 235 move.

(added on the 20th) Microsoft’s Patent Impasse – A lucid commentary by Cote’, really enlightening.
Organizing an Open Source Workshop!!! – A workshop entitled “Open Source, Open Ideas” will be held on Tuesday May 29th at the Politecnico di Bari campus sponsored jointly by Politecnico di Bari, OrgLab (University of Cassino), Syracuse University and IESEG School of Management.

Dell announces the models for Ubuntu – Jeremy discloses Dell’s Ubuntu models.

I’m Joining Adobe – Ryan Stewart joined Adobe as a Rich Internet Application Evangelist.