Digital Freedom Conference: Computers Freedom and Privacy conference 2009

The 19th  Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference – Creating the Future – will be held in Washington, DC, June 1-4, 2009. Now they are accepting proposals for panels, workshop sessions, and other events.


CFP explores the impact of the Internet, computers and communications technologies on society.


We are requesting proposals and ideas for panels, plenaries, debates, keynote speakers, and other sessions that will address these and related topics and how we can shape public policy and the public debate on these topics as we create the future.


We especially encourage proposals that: 


   * Take advantage of our Washington, DC location

   * Shed light on what we can expect from the new administration

   * Incorporate a global and international perspective

   * Focus on the future and what we can expect in the years to come in technology and policy

   * Include debates or otherwise present challenging points of view

   * Inform attendees about cutting-edge technologies and issues


However, we encourage proposals in all areas.  The more complete and fleshed out a proposal, the more likely it will be accepted – but we welcome the submission of all good ideas.


To submit a proposal or idea for CFP 2009, please go to


Many thanks and we look forward to your ideas and your participation!


CFP 2009 co-chairs

Jay Stanley and Cindy Southworth

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