Open Source Website: SWiK by SourceLabs

Cybernote weekend website article is dedicated to SWiK, a community-driven website created by SourceLabs aimed at allowing people to share all kind of information about open source projects.

SwiK is a kind of Newsvine about software development and open source projects, aimed at helping people to organize the world of open source. SwiK it is an open source wiki and it uses Ajax, JavaScript and Textile, making editing easy and straightforward, try it out by yourself.

In Ashley‘s words:

It’s like Wikipedia,, and Digg all mixed into one, but it’s just for anything related with Open Source projects. The great thing about SWiK is that it showcases all of the hard work that people have put into their Open Source projects. If you’re unfamiliar with Open Source projects and you’d like to find and discover new ones, this is the perfect place to start.

Anyone can contribute, writing anything related to open source, in any language, where English is the default one.

Looking for some hystorical background I found a long post by Alex Bosworth about SWiK first “birthday”, a reading that I recommend to whom interested in social software.

Alex says also that Spikesource SourceLabs is using SWiK internally:

I don’t think there’s any reason it can’t be used for various purposes beyond driving, and in fact for the past 6 months internally at SourceLabs we’ve repurposed SWiK-Source to run as our internal wiki to help organize our internal projects. People write weekly status reports in the blog pages, describe design policies in wiki pages, and use tags to avoid a disorganized wiki.

I am willing to give it a try, I’ll keep you posted about it.

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