Drupal no-profit association is born: Press release

The Drupal Association announced the creation of a non-profit corporation to support and advance the Drupal CMS, an anglicized version of the Dutch word ‘druppel’, meaning ‘drop’. CMS. Drupal began as a hobby project and then turned into an international development community. Google sponsored Drupal through the Summer-of-Code initiative.

As member of another just born association I symphatize with them, and I like their approach, as they will not be involved in decisions regarding the development or direction of the project.

The Drupal Association will instead focus on the following efforts:

  • Accepting donations and grants.
  • Organizing and/or sponsoring Drupal project-related events, and representing the Drupal project at events.
  • Engaging in partnerships with other organizations.
  • Acquiring and managing infrastructure in support of the Drupal project.
  • Supporting development by awarding grants or paying wages.
  • Writing and publishing press releases and promotional materials.

I wish them the best of luck!

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