Novell says OpenOffice is key

Ron Hovsepian, Novell CEO, talking about said:

The financial holy grail is actually the office productivity suite … when you look at structures of companies there is a lot of profitability in those product sets from the competition.

Novell CEO talked about the Hula project, a real-time collaboration productin alpha development stage:

Real-time collaboration between organisations is going to become more important and that is going to be more difficult with all of the older products in the market — Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes etc.

In Hula there is so much more real-time stuff coming. This is a young, evolving market at this point and a lot of the pieces are going to move around for the next couple of years before we see it shake out.

Hovsepian defined also Novell as a “custodian to the community and to the commercial customers”.

Read the full article, a four part video is included.