Who Backs Linux, Some Numbers in Perspective

the Linux Foundation logo The Linux Foundation report about who writes Linux is always a worth reading, especially if you take a moment to look back at 2009 report and see how things are changed.

It is interesting to compare relative increments to learn more about how changed the attitude of the usual suspects to Linux  and how newcomers are doing.

“None” developers – i.e. developers who are known to be doing this work on their own, with no financial contribution happening from any company- are little considered by some commenters, but they contributed 34% more this year (passing from 26644 changes to 35663).

Red Hat and HP contributed 30% more, both IBM’s and Novell’s increments in contribution are below the 20% (respectively 17% and 19%), while Oracle and Google are around  +24%.

Intel and Fujitsu are over the 40 per cent threshold, but also Marvell and academia contributions (kudos!) grew at the same rate. AMD is about to double its contributions (+96%), and Nokia with an oustanding +125% is leading the group of the non-usual suspects.

The Linux Foundation is loosing ground, with a tiny +6%, though.