Creative Commons: Lessig succeeded by Ito

Lessig, founding chairman of Creative Commons, after four years retired as chairman of the board, remaining as CEO.

Lessig talking about his successor, Joy Ito, called him the perfect next chairman, said:

The key to our success now, is to fit this project within an overall economy of creativity. We want to support and protect the sharing economy; we also want to build tools that would help support crossovers into the commercial economy. That will take the sensibility and insight that Joi has demonstrated in his whole career.

Creative Commons 4th aniversary was celebrated in Second Life, while Lessig was in Portugal and Ito in in Japan.

Ito made clear he is succeeding Lessing, not replacing him. Than he said:

Many people now use Creative Commons because it makes business sense. The corporate world needs to hear this in a language they understand. I speak their language.

I like it, and I’m sure he will positively contribute to Creative Commons success.