Open Format: ODF Translator 1.0 for Word available!

The long awaited OpenXML Translator 1.0 is now available for download. The project, started last year, is now available in five languages (but not in Italian yet).

OpenXML Translator allow you to open open ODF documents in Microsoft Word. Microsoft says it has been tested on Office 2007, Office 2003, and Office XP.

Test cases included scenarios as the conversion of an EU law document into another EU language by an external translation provider using or an EU parliament’s member requesting the draft version of a national law document from a public body using The translator was also tested against the University’s of Central Florida test suite for ODF.
Tom Robertson, general manager for interoperability and standards at Microsoft, said:

The translator project has been built to be independent of any one application, and has proved to be useful for both Microsoft and our competitors in solving an interoperability challenge for customers.

Novell has announced that the translator will be natively implemented in its next version of, if interested you need to sign up for the Novell beta program.

Support for Excel and PowerPoint documents are scheduled for November 2007.