Blog! the book

I’m a newbie blogger, and few days ago I bought Blog! How the newest media revolution is changing politics business and culture, by David Kline and Dan Burstein.

It’s a collection of interviews with influential and well-known bloggers, and I found it simple adn effective. I believe that a complex and various phenomen like the blog might be revealed just through different opinions, and I like very much their approach.

As I’m more interested in business and corporate blog, I start reading “Business and Economics” chapter. I found resources like “The Corporate Manifesto” , the innovative marketing methodology Double Loop Marketing or the rewarding revenue sharing policies set by Weblogs.

I agree with the author David Kline, who concisely pointed out:

Ultimately, blogging is all about empowerment.
And woe be to any politician or businessman who tries to ignore the roar of today’s blog-enabled citizenry.

By the way I sorted out that part of the Italian translation was done by my dear friend Antonella Beccaria, journalist, entepreneur and last but not list my patient Webmaster.