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SOS Open Source will be back!

terminator-will-be-backOver the last year and a half I have been happily busy with my new job at SourceForge, as a result I had little time to keep analyzing open source projects and write reports.

I am glad to share the news that the MARKOS project – the MARKetplace for Open Source project partially funded by the EU – will give me the opportunity to finally productize some of the SOS Open Source features and ideas.

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SOS Open Source reports: Zarafa

SOS Open Source analyzed Zarafa, the open-source alternative to Microsoft Exchange, maintained by the homonymous company headquartered in  the Netherlands (Delft) with offices in Germany and Brasil. The Zarafa Summer Camp 2011was the perfect venue to share our findings around Zarafa (presentation), if you missed our keynote read below to know more this open source messaging and collaboration platform.

Zarafa was released as open source about three years ago, but before that it was already considered a viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange, and its code base results mature and stable (information inferred from the public bug-tracking system). A book specialized on Zarafa is on the waycase-studies are available (also from large solution providers) along with a number of forums (even in French and Portoguese).Zarafa popularity compares well with other European competitors, especially in some countries (e.g. , Austria, Germany, the Netherlands).

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Zarafa SummerCamp 2011

zarafa logoZarafa, the European open source vendor based in the Netherlands developing  an open source email and calendar groupware software - invites you to participate in their SummerCamp 2011. The event will be an opportunity to get involved, share experiences and discover all new innovations of the Zarafa product.

The SOS Open Source team will keynote on the 30th of June, unveiling how the Zarafa ecosystem scores on open source maturity, level of industrialization and more.

Registrations are now open.

How SOS Open Source Evolved in its First Year

SOS Open Source few days ago completed its first year of life, a good time to look back and and see where we have been and to recognize methods and technologies that have helped us on our journey.

SOS Open Source started back in 2009 as a solution to a customer problem: how to find, evaluate and compare open source projects. Having been looking for years at open source assessment methodologies, our first step was to grab the best from all the existing ones, possibly avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.

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SOS Open Source: Which Linux Server Distribution?

SOS Open Source yesterday announced the availability a guide to choose a Linux (server) distribution. The guide – at the moment available only in Italian - provides information about a number of Linux distributions, included CentOS, Debian, Mandriva, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise and Ubuntu.

Find out more about the guide at SOS Open Source website.

Robin Good’s Feature Articles: Open Source Software Tools And Directories

open source software where to find the best directoriesUnless you are looking for popular popular open source software – such as the ones available in the SourceForge top downloads or the few ones backed by vendors like ApacheLinux, MySQLPHPeMule, GIMPOpenOffice or VLC, Google search might not be your best solution to find specific open source software to suit your needs.

For example, if you search for an open source web editor on Google, you won’t find BlueGriffon, a web editor based on the Firefox rendering engine Gecko (a tool I recommend to try either if you are an experienced or a beginner web author).

Looking at Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn lists of favorite open-source tools, it is clear that these OSS tools are definitely not something the average person has ever heard of.

The key point here is that to find the right open source tool may not be a trivial task, but anyone can learn how to do it on his own.

In this MasterNewMedia guide, open source software expert Roberto Galoppini, author of SOS Open Source, a pragmatic methodology to find and evaluate open source software, provides you with the basic pointers, resources and evaluation criteria to start looking on your own.

Read the full article at MasterNewMedia.

Commercial Open Source Transparency Matters

This week we read a vendor’s feedback to an earlier report about an open source BI platform, and we tried to join the conversation to bring some light over some issues raised in that blog entry.

Below you can read our original comment (awaiting moderation)

SpagoBI summary report points to 22 internet (public) resources, including OW2 forge, Ohloh meta-forge, project’s and vendor’s web pages.

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