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Version Control by Example, by Eric Sink

Version Control by Example CoverOver the last few days I have been reading Eric Sink‘s “Version Control by Example“, a book providing all relevant, amusing and pragmatic information about both centralized (Subversion) and decentralized version control systems (Git, Mercurial and last but not least Veracity).

I really enjoyed reading it, it explains the nuts and bolts of all these (Distributed) Version Control Systems, in a simple and effective way. It’s worth reading if you’re deep into any of them, and you want to know more about other ones too.

Jolt Awards 2011

jolt logoThe Jolt awards, managed by the new Executive Editor Andrew Bistock, has been revisited and there are 6 categories, the first is the Books category and right now we are in the process to select finalist, see the Jolt Schedule to know more.

I will join for the fourth time the Jolt Awards jury, but this year I’m too busy with my job and I had to limit my participation only to the “Books” category.

Read the guideline to submit nominations, for questions concerning Jolt Awards can be emailed to

Jolt Awards 2010

Awards start with the nomination process and this year are granted monthly in these categories, check out the Award Schedule to know about your favorite category (the first nomination will open on the 1st of August).

I will join for the third time the Jolt Awards jury this year, in the following categories: “Books”, “Testing and Debugging Tools” and “Change and Configuration Management Tools”.

Developers, vendors, and judges can nominate their favority tools. For more information about the Jolt Awards, contact Jonathan Erickson

Open Source Communities: “The Art of Community”

The Art of Community” is a book written by Jono Bacon , founder of the Community Leadership summit and brave Ubuntu community manager, to let people know the difference between creating a technological platform and managing a living community-driven ethos.

The book, a must read for everyone interested in understanding communities, has been released also under a Creative Commons license, and is backed also by an online community.  The list of praises for the book is impressive, and includes (among others): Matt Asay, Ian Murdock, Mark Hinkle and Danese Cooper.

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Funambol Mobile Open Source: the Book

Packt – the UK publishing company specialized in books on software running yearly the open source CMS award – published “Funambol Mobile Open Source“, the first ever book on Funambol server.

Stefano Fornari, CTO and co-founder of Funambol, wrote a book explaining step-by-step how to install and get started with Funambol (have a look at the Funambol mail sample chapter to get an idea). Either if you are a geek or simply interested in mobile technology,  this book provides you with all necessary information about Funambol architecture, how to provide push e-mail and synchronization services or even how to develop extensions on your own.

Despite both the author and the reviewer, Alberto Falossi, are Italians, the book is written in English.

Open Source Books: Hadoop, the Definitive Guide

“Hadoop: The Definitive Guide” is the first book covering the now famous java framework supporting data intensive distributed applications.

Doug Cutting, the project’s author now working at Cloudera, wrote that Tom White – author of the book and long time contributor to the Apache top-level project – is the most qualified person to write a book about hadoop.

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Open Source Books: Flash with Drupal

Packt – the publishing company specialized in books on software running yearly the open source CMS award – published “Flash with Drupal“, another book on Drupal.

Travis Tidwell – author of the book, creator of the Dash Media Player of  and founder of TMT Digital - shows how to work with hybrid Flash-Drupal architecture, introducing readers to create Flash applications from scratch.

The book is a step by step guide, readers need some understanding of ActionScript and PHP, as for Flash no knowledge is required. See Delicioso website to have an idea of what he can do with Flash and Drupal.

Open Source Books: “Intellectual Property and Open Source”, by Van Lindberg

Whil reviewing books for the Jolt Awards, I have been reading the “Intellectual Property and Open Source” book, published by O’Reilly and authored by Van Lindberg. A book meant to be a developer’s documentation for the legal system, potentially able to serve different audiences, IT managers included.

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Open Source Documentation Issue: “Maven, The Definitive Guide”, the Sonatype Approach

Sonatype, the Maven company founded by his creator Jason van Zyl, recently released “Maven: The Definitive Guide“, a book available for download as a PDF and as a print book through O’Reilly.

Mark de Visser, the new appointed Sonatype’s CEO, answered few questions about the book and how it helps to grow the Maven community.

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