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SourceForge’s Platform Becomes Apache Allura™!


I am excited to share the news, Apache Allura just became an Apache Top-Level project! It has been both an honor and pleasure to work with the Apache community and a personal thrill to see my dream finally turning into reality.

I still remember our first internal discussions about submitting Allura to the Apache Incubator, over two years ago. The great work we did to draft our proposal – thanks Rich Bowen – and the exceptional level of support from our former CEO, Jeff Drobick.

I wish to thank again the whole SourceForge engineering team, without them it wouldn’t have been possible to graduate. I wish also to say thank to our General Manager Gaurav Kuchhal that made the graduation a goal for all of us, and last but not least all our great mentors, and among them in a special way Jim Jagielski and Rich Bowen.

Read more at SourceForge and Apache blog.

Robin Good’s Feature Articles: Open Source Software Tools And Directories

open source software where to find the best directoriesUnless you are looking for popular popular open source software – such as the ones available in the SourceForge top downloads or the few ones backed by vendors like ApacheLinux, MySQLPHPeMule, GIMPOpenOffice or VLC, Google search might not be your best solution to find specific open source software to suit your needs.

For example, if you search for an open source web editor on Google, you won’t find BlueGriffon, a web editor based on the Firefox rendering engine Gecko (a tool I recommend to try either if you are an experienced or a beginner web author).

Looking at Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn lists of favorite open-source tools, it is clear that these OSS tools are definitely not something the average person has ever heard of.

The key point here is that to find the right open source tool may not be a trivial task, but anyone can learn how to do it on his own.

In this MasterNewMedia guide, open source software expert Roberto Galoppini, author of SOS Open Source, a pragmatic methodology to find and evaluate open source software, provides you with the basic pointers, resources and evaluation criteria to start looking on your own.

Read the full article at MasterNewMedia.

Upcoming Open Source Conferences: March 2011

AsiaBSDCon2011 – 17-20 March, 2011.

MEAOSSFORUM – Middle East and Africa Open Source Software Forum 22-23 March 2011.

POSSCON – Palmetto Open Source Conference, 23-25 March 2011.

Update: eclipseCON 2011, 21-24 March 2011 (thanks Ian for heads up!).

Update: UKUUG Spring 2011 Conference, 22-24 March 2011 (thanks Kris for heads up!)

Update: NASA Open Source Summit 2011, 29-30 March 2011 (via Linkedin groups)

Open Source Think Tank 2011

Olliance Group is organizing the 6th Annual Spring Edition of the Open Source Think Tank, that will be held April 7–9, 2011 in Sonoma, CA at the Sonoma Mission Inn.
Have a look at the Open Source Think tank website if you want to know more about the last editions, included the last one held in Paris in collaboration with the Open World Forum this fall.

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2010 Open Source Awards

Packt Open Source Awards 2010Packt is about to launch the 2010 Open Source award – now at its fifth edition, formerly known as Open Source CMS Awards – an award organized to encourage, support, recognize, and reward Open Source projects selected by a panel of judges and Packt website visitors. This year they have a prize fund of $247,000 spread across six categories.

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Italian Industrial Association meets Open Source

Rotonda, Palladio (Vicenza)Confindustria Vicenza, the local chapter of the Italian manufacturers’ association, on the 13 of July hosted an event about open source entitled, “Open Source, a 360-degree view: pros and cons, legal implications and hence who can profit from it“.

The event (videos) was aimed to provide the audience with information about legal, organizational and technical impacts of open source adoption, among speakers a lawyer specialized in intellectual property laws (Luca Giacopuzzi), a researcher of the TEDIS center (Antonio Picerni), Confindustria Vicenza’s ICT manager Franco Battistello and myself. Continue reading

Jolt Awards 2010

Awards start with the nomination process and this year are granted monthly in these categories, check out the Award Schedule to know about your favorite category (the first nomination will open on the 1st of August).

I will join for the third time the Jolt Awards jury this year, in the following categories: “Books”, “Testing and Debugging Tools” and “Change and Configuration Management Tools”.

Developers, vendors, and judges can nominate their favority tools. For more information about the Jolt Awards, contact Jonathan Erickson