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Setting Italian Priority to Open Source for Public Administration: Your Time to Rule!

Freedom is Participation in Power (Cicerone)I have been commenting few times the evolution of the Italian “Code for a Digital Administration” – Codice dell Amministrazione Digitale (CAD) in Italian -  either on this blog or when interviewed by journalists, and to date nothing has really happened.

The last major change to the law occured this summer, and at least in theory it has been reinforced the obligation to consider open source solutions, as Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz has noticed in his article about the news:

Only when a technical and economical analysis demonstrates that it is not possible to obtain at a lower price an open source solution or to reuse a solution developed internally, then it is allowed to purchase a proprietary licence of use.

The good news is that the new-born Agency for Digital Italy has just put out a call inviting interested parties to join a working group aimed at defining the technical and economical assessment criteria.

People interested in joining the working group have to submit an application by sending a certified email to

About Harvesting External Innovation at SourceForge

adms.sw logoLast year on behalf of SourceForge I joined the ADMS Software Working Group, an EU initiative aimed at describing software artifacts developed by or for public administrations to increase its sharing and reuse potential.

In order to help the project we contributed our Trove categorization system to classify projects under a Creative Commons license, so that it could be used and expanded.

Read more at the SourceForge blog.

Focus Group Open Source: Open Data, Rome 25 January 2012

The next Focus Group Open Source meeting will focus on Open Data, and it will take place on the 25th of January 2012 in Rome, at IBM’s office (sponsor of the event). Among invited speakers Gianni Dominici (ForumPA), Federico Morando (Apps4Italy), Salvatore Marras (, Ernesto Belisario (Italian Association for Open Government),  and Guido Vetere (IBM).

For more information and to sign up for the event, see the Focus Group Open Source blog.

Time for an Italian Government Open Standards Survey?

Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, has just thrown a survey to ask to to ask people which standards are most important to them.

If you’re a business or community organisation, helping us choose the right standards will make it easier for you to do business with Government.  It will also help us open up data, better informing your decisions, and hopefully prompting innovation.

We’ve placed free text fields in the survey, so you can tell us what we have missed or which alternative standards you believe may be better.

Apparently the results will be reviewed by the Chief Technology Officers Council and then conclusions will be published on the Cabinet Office website next Autumn.

Couldn’t Italy do the same?

The Italian Law on Digital Administration and Software Reuse

The new Italian Law on Digital Administration (codename CAD) has been presented and thoroughly discussed yesterday afternoon at LUSPIO university with Andrea Simi, consultant of the Italian Minister of Innovation, Gianfranco Pontevolpe (DigitPA, formerly known as CNIPA, the National Center for IT in Public Administration) and Fabrizio Bianchi (Assinform, the Italian association of ICT companies).

As anticipated in a previous post, in my opening greetings I made a very brief to the modifications made to reuse’s articles, eventually gathering feedback from the speakers.

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Open Source Marketplace for Public Administrations: Presentations are online

All presentations of the event held on the 17th of November to talk about electronic purchase of open source services,  are available at the host’s website (Consip, in the news section).

The event, organized in collaboration with the Open Source Focus Group for Public Administrations, focused on how to use the award-winning Italian Public Administration Electronic Marketplace to ease open source procurement processes.

EU-funded Projects and Online Dissemination (part II)

EU-funded Projects and Online Dissemination” inspired some reactions, also from one of the Future Networks projects: the SAIL project.

Johan Myrberger – Head of Multimedia Campus at Ericsson – replied to my suggestions with a blog entry around Online Dissemination, an interesting opportunity to talk more about FP7 dissemination do’s and don’ts.

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