Security: Italian Association comments Secunia’s report 

Secunia, the Danish company that collects, evaluates, verifies and analyzes all the information about software vulnerabilities, has just published the 2006 Report. The document summarizes the facts of the past year, and offers some statistics on the software that have been hit more severely by security problems.

In 2006, OpenOffice.Org has been affected only by 5 vulnerabilities for the total of the three versions still available in the market (which have all been solved), while its largest competitor – a proprietary application – has been affected by 67 vulnerabilities (several of these problems have not yet been solved, even if they have been identified quite a long time ago). This makes this software a leader of a very unconfortable category.

The last problem identified by Secunia last week, about three vulnerabilities – of which only the first, related to documents in WordPerfect native format, has been solved by a patch  while the others are still under scrutiny – is going to be solved by OpenOffice.Org 2.2, which is going to be released very soon.

The full report in PDF format is available for download.

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