On Leaving SourceForge and Move On

Now that the sales of Slashdot Media has been completed I am moving from my role as SourceForge’s Head of Community and Sr Director of Biz Dev. I’m now working on the creation of an open-source industry consortium4168593521_9a091dc54e to back Hermes Center‘s GlobaLeaks, the open source whistleblowing framework.

I’ll also be helping open source ventures succeed by:

  • mentoring companies like Bitergia, the software development analytics company;
  • assisting with open source project sustainability and monetization without upselling to their communities;
  • volunteer for open source projects and organizations, like Apache OpenOffice and the OuterCurve Foundation.

I’m looking forward to working with even more open source projects and communities in the coming year. If you think we’d be a good fit, please drop me an email at info <at> robertogaloppini.net or contact me via LinkedIn.