10th Anniversary: 8 Years in Retrospective

ooo 10years went live just ten years ago, on the 13rd of October 2000.Having been a community member for over 8 years, it is a good chance to recap what I have done until now.

I joined the community in 2002, and I created one of the first free software format file converter based on the engine in 2003.

Promoting nationally was hard in 2003. Lobbing with some Italian free software organizations – namely Assoli and the Italian chapter of the FSFE -  I brought the Director of the information system of our Minister of Education to think that Italian schools needed to know more also about

When Italy was at the forefront on OOo documentation I  collaboratively wrote also English user guides, but my main activity was and is about promoting by spreading the word through events, promotion, venue relations, and other collaborative efforts.

The Second ODF Plugfest event is the last event I have been organizing, and it was the first time that it was held in collaboration with the conference, something I hope it will happen again.