Open Source Webinars: BlackDuck + CollabNet on Application Development

CollabNet – that will soon host a free live virtual conference about agile application development – and Black Duck Software – that just announced a brilliant 1st quarter – will deliver on the 21 of April a joint webinar around leveraging new techniques in software development.

Tim Yeaton, CEO of Black Duck Software (interview), and Bill Portelli, CEO of Collabnet (interview), will answer the question of how to improve development by leveraging:

* An abundance of free and open source building blocks — literally hundreds of thousands of projects that are available on the Internet — are ready to be used rather than writing your own code and reinventing the wheel.

  • New development processes embracing agile methods lend themselves to adapt to inevitable changing customer requirements and help eliminate unnecessary work that is typically spec’d with traditional waterfall approaches, plus are ideally suited to using open source building blocks.
  • New cloud based tools are available that improve collaboration across distributed development teams, embrace agile methods and manage the unique challenges associated with multi-source development — integrating open source with internal and other code.