Linux Day 2009, Multi-source Software Strategies, Patent Trolls: Open Source Events and Webinars, 23-10-2009

Linux Day -  ILS,  the Italian Linux Association on Saturday October 24 will runs its ninth annual Linux Day all over Italy, in 122 cities.

Ensuring Compliance in the Age of Complexity and Cloud – rPath and OpenLogic co-lead a webinar aimed at . Brett Adam (VP of Engineering at rPath), Kim Weins (VP of Marketing at Open Logic) and Brett Thomas (CTO of Vindicia, rPath’s customer) will tell you about how to manage the compliance challenges caused by diverse software components and opaque, ad hoc provisioning and maintenance processes. If you want to pose questions during the event you can do via Twitter: #SoftwareControl.
Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific (60 minutes)

The Open Source Community vs. Patent Trolls – Preserving Developer FreedomKeith Bergelt (OIN CEO) and Karen Copenhaver will discuss the latest patent challenges to Linux and the open source community and ways to preserve developer freedom.
Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST