European Open Source Observatory keeps launching new Features

The European open source observatory opened up about one year ago, last February went into the wild 2.0 and now offers a free Virtual Forge service, aimed at giving a better understanding of hosted projects.

Europe keeps investing money to fund OSOR development, now trying to mimic Ohloh metrics and data, instead of spending energies to create synergies with others.

In the OSOR news  Marco Battistoni, Unisys OSOR Technical Manager, says (emphasis is mine):

However setting up and operating such a repository can be very costly and time consuming (believe us, we know!):  one has to buy servers, internet connection, install the necessary applications, hire experts to operate the site 24/7… This needs a lot of commitment both in human and in financial resources.

I’d prefer to see our money spent to create something new, or simply to share knowledge about interesting open source projects and tools. There are definitely more forges than necessary.