Funambol + JAJAH: Open Source SaaS in Action

Funambol and JAJAH, the global IP communications company, today announced the world premiere of the new Go JAJAH service, to be launched exclusively in Italy.

The new service automatically updates a mobile phone address book, creating a local number for each international number, allowing callers to make international calls at local rates.

Fabrizio two days ago, anticipating the news to be broadcasted today, said:

A year ago, I met with the founders of Jajah, who are Austrian and moved to Silicon Valley like me. We agreed we should launch the new service on a pilot country. I said “Austria”, they said “Italy”. They won. I am very pleased we chose Italy, since it is one of the countries with the largest mobile penetration. Now we are also the country with the lowest cost for international calls from mobile. I love this service because it is for everyone, from the manager to the immigrant.

Funambol keeps doing a great job partnering with carriers and communications company. Fabrizio is brilliantly putting in action his open source vision moving towards SaaS.