Open SQL Camp Europe 2009, 22-23 August, Sankt Augustin (Germany)

The European edition of the OpenSQLCamp 2009, will take place in Sankt Augustin (Germany) on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd within the Free and Open Source Conference 2009 – the German conference now in its fourth year.

The goal of this event is to spread the word about the vibrant communities and large ecosystems around Open Source Databases and to educate the attendees about what alternatives exist to commercial databases.

I asked Giuseppe Maxia, MySQL Community Team Lead, a summary of the event.

The Open SQL Camp is a gathering of open source database professionals, organized and attended by the community. Unlike vendor sponsored conferences, this event embraces all database professionals in the open source arena. Talks are highly technical and may span across several products.

The first edition of the Open SQL Camp was held in Charlottesville, USA, in November 2008. Although it was open to everyone, the main attendance was from the US. To give Europeans a better chance of participation, there will be several editions of the Camp, the first of which will be in Europe, and a US based one will follow shortly. Of course, overseas participants and speakers are welcome.

Among the databases being represented at this event, we will see, among others, MySQL, Drizzle, PostgreSQL, Infobright, SQLite, JavaDB. Core developers of the above projects are attending.