European Elections: All Candidates Are Called Upon to Pledge their committment to Digital Freedoms

Noticing that few Italian candidates signed the free software pact, I got a reaction from the Italian MEP Marco Cappato, who sent me an email to tell my readers about the importance of digital freedoms.

Very few Italian euro candidates, irrespective of their parties’ affiliations, have followed on to their commitments in defense of digital freedoms, those same freedoms that have been under attack in the past legislature.

The European Parliament is going to face important discussions about copyright protection and network neutrality.  Reactionary forces are backing freedom-killer agreements between telecommunication operators and content providers, which are bound to hinder competition from small companies.

We need strong and smart actions to contrast these forces; my suggestion to network citizens is to distrust those who promise to do tomorrow what they did not do yesterday. It is time to ask your candidate to pledge now!

Marco Cappato has been one of the most active MEP on a number of issues, ranging from fighting on the side of privacy in electronic communications, to lobbying against file sharing criminalization and software patents.

I totally agree with Marco, is time to Ask your candidate how he or she feels about digital freedoms.