tricks, Pervasiveness, OOo Compare, License Extension: links, 13-03-2009 7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do – An essay of tricks, with pointers to other good post on the subject.

Does OpenOffice have 11 million active U.S. users? – Matt Asay on US pervasiveness, look at the numbers!

OOo Compare: Inadequate – Brendan Scott, an Australian lawyer, complains about the poor performance of OOo compare function, a known issue. I warmly recommend lawyers and interested people to vote for that issue.

ShowOOoLicensePaolo Mantovani, one of the most active Italian developers, released a beta version of his newest extension, adding a submenu item (Informazioni sulla licenza – License information) to the Help menu. If you want to try it he will welcome your feedback and help (he is actually looking for a new icon).