Commercial Open Source Blog: another year in review

Commercial Open Source blog has completed its second year of life, and it is now time for another one year in review post.

I want start saying thanks to my great friend Antonella Beccaria, who generously took good care of my blog for two long years, and my new appointed webmaster Matteo Ionescu, who is bringing my blog to 2.0 life. Last but not least I want to add also my mentor Robin Good to the list of persons I am grateful.

Blogging to me is still about publishing and share ideas to open conversations on open source business and practices, eventually getting in touch with people from all over the world. My blog activity brought me to be invited to give a speech in many places. At OSIM USA to talk about Microsoft open source strategy, in Brussels to speak about migrations, in Tampere to keynote at Openmind, in Malaga to present at the Open Source World Conference paper on the importance of open standards.

Blogging was also helpful to open me doors and new opportunities, just like joining InitMarketing, present my workshop on building an effective commercial open source strategy in Berlin, or consult both open source and proprietary vendors on open source strategies.

Writing about open source marketing and open source business increased my professional credibility, and keeping writing I keep learning and increasing my network. It is still true that no man, not even a blogger, is an island!