Aesop’s fable on Standards, RMS and Selling Free Software, Release Coordination: links 25-08-2008

The Belly and the Members – “Aesop” on Free Standards (via Jon Udell), excerpted from The Myth of Free Standards: Giving Away the Farm. I totally agree on the importance of standards sales revenue, since eliminating the fee-based system has definitely a cost:

Otherwise, standards publishers, purveyors and purchasers might begin to see “For Sale” signs affixed to the “homesteads” of many SDOs and third-party standards providers — to the detriment of us all.

Thoughts on Richard Stallman and Free Software – James McGovern wonders why Richard Stallman never talk about the economics of software development. While I have been critical of  other Richard’s decisions, I am fine with his decision to almost not talk about it.

Economic clustering and Free Software release coordination – Mark Shuttleworth believes that for a stronger impact of open source on the global software market we need to coordinate the releases of major pieces of the free software stack.