Open Mobile Exchange, Moblin and Ubuntu MID Edition, Open Source keeps growing: OSCON links 24-07-2008

Where will the mobile open source battle will be waged?Jay Lyman attended the Open Mobile Exchange. I just stepped by, but I am definitely among them thinking that the mobile Linux will be hot this year.

Re-jigged Intel mobile Linux stack dumps Ubuntu –   Dirk Hohndel wants input on directions Moblin.  Canonical’s forthcoming Ubuntu MID edition is built around Moblin. Mark Shuttleworth beyond dreaming is exploring many areas, as he explained answering my question about Ubuntu’s break-even point. At the end of the day without VC backing around he can play his game as he likes.

Surprise! Open source is growing fast, report concludes – open source grew 55% a year reports Bernard Golden, CEO of Navica (the report is available for a fee at O’Reilly Web site).