Open Source Government: Spain wants to ensure that Open Source users have equal access to eGovernment

Spain booked its place in the semifinals in Matthew Aslett’s European Open Source tour, but its political structure swung the decision in France’s favor, the European country who eventually won of the tour, also with my big respect and consideration.

Today reading, the portal created by the European Commission, I happened to know about Cenatic‘s (Centre for the Application of Open Source Information and Communication Technologies) initiative.

The new action plan gives top priority to ensuring that Open Source users have equal access to eGovernment. Part of that drive will be a series of studies and reports on electronic filing, process improvement, transparency and electronic billing. These will be linked to Spain’s Law on Citizens’ Electronic Access to Public Services. [..]

Currently, CENATIC is working on Open Source applications for XBRL, a language for document exchange between administrations. Its interim conclusion is that there are viable Open Source solutions for financial document exchange between public administrations, small and medium-sized enterprises and the tax and regulatory authorities.

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